Frequently Asked Questions

What are the information technology services BraunWeiss provides?

BraunWeiss provided managed information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses that want to ensure cloud data security and industry compliance across their Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts.

How can I protect company data online?

At BraunWeiss, we manage clients' company devices and business software online with Microsoft partnership. From data upload/download settings for each device to periodically risk assessment and audit for data loss, we design digital solutions based on business need.

What kind of data services does BraunWeiss offer?

BraunWeiss offers data clean up, data migration and data back up.  These services offer data encryption at rest and in transit.

What are the best tools for secure file sharing?

BraunWeiss partners with many large companies to build centralized documents repositories for our clients. We use tools like Microsoft SharePoint, Citrix Workspace, Dropbox and Google Workspace for clients' secure access to files internally and externally.

Can we manage company laptops remotely?

Yes. With our Microsoft partnership, BraunWeiss helps our clients to manage company devices remotely. From Microsoft End-point Manger, we manage all company devices from on-boarding to off-boarding.

What tools can a company use to centralize employee and client remote access?

At BraunWeiss, we use virtual machine technology with active directory management to help our clients centralize their remote access. With our partnerships with Microsoft and Citrix, we streamline the automation process with cutting-edgy technologies.

What types of risk assessments does BraunWeiss offer?

BraunWeiss offers Vendor Risk Assessment, Thrid-party Risk assessments and security risk assessments, and information security assessments.

What kinds of information can we manage through Salesforce?

BraunWeiss helps our clients to manage their customers, leads and employees data from Salesforce and other CRM platform. We design custom and automated integration process between forms inquiry and back-end cloud platform.

How can I automate proposal to quote process?

BraunWeiss uses advanced cloud platforms to automate order to cash process for our clients. By implementing integration with CRM platform, e-commerce platform and payment gateway, we provide streamlined custom solutions to our clients.

How can I integrate website with merchant account or CRM?

Merchant accoutns and CRMs can be integrated using different tools like TIBCO Cloud Integrated, Zapier and Mulesoft.  These tools use APIs to send data between two applications or websites.


What is BraunWeiss Workplace service?

BraunWeiss's Workplace services include bookkeeping, accounting and financial operations. We offer detail services in cash management, AR/AP services with custom invoicing, bank reconciliation, expense management with applications like Expensify or SAP Concur, and credit card payments.

What are some important business operation tasks for small business owners?

From financial and accounting prospective, BraunWeiss helps our client to prepare for audit process, set up efficient Chart of Account(COA), manage budget and forecasting. And we also helps our client to follow the best procedures to be PCI Compliant and HIPPA Compliant.

What are the best practices for managing payroll?

At BraunWeiss, we offer payroll management for our clients through various parternship including ADP and Paychex.  Braunweiss's Best ractices for payroll management: perform background check for employees, worker's comp for all staff and submit PFML deduction every quarter. For PFML, notice some payroll company doesn't submit for you, you may need to calculate and  submit PFML directly.

How to choose the best merchant services for your business?

With our intensive analyses in merchant service, no matter if you are looking at PayPal, Stripe or Square, BraunWeiss found that PCI compliance requirements, invoice and reporting functionalities are also really important besides getting a low transaction cost.


What are the best tools for digital marketing and campaign?

BraunWeiss uses advanced cloud solutions for clients' campaign management. We integrate website, online forms, e-commerce platform and email campaign software. Our integration solution covers all platforms from WordPress & Wix website, to e-commerce platform like Shopify, FormAssembly and FormStack and Mail Chimp & Constant Contact campaigns.

How do I increase website visitors?

First step BraunWeiss do is to help our clients improve website content and implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We use focused keywords, creative visualization and advanced off-page SEO to improve website content based on target industries.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. BraunWeiss helps our clients to track unpaid traffic (organic results) using advanced SEO tools.

How to avoid form spam submission?

For first step, BraunWeiss suggests all our client to enable reCAPTCHA functionality on all of their online forms. And to avoid direct access to the form link, BraunWeiss helps our clients to embed forms into website design.

How to automate customer contract generation process?

BraunWeiss offers integration and custom solutions to automate customer proposal/quotes and contract renewal process with the help of TIBCO Cloud Connectors.

Marketing & Campaign

What type of project resources BraunWeiss provides?

BraunWeiss provides Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Marketing Analyst and similar IT and technology resources on an on-demand basis to help with implementing your projects.

How does BraunWeiss give back to the community?

BraunWeiss is committed to bring technology and digital services on a pro-bono basis to local non-profit organizations. BraunWeiss has provided support to over 100 not-for-profit organizations with their Digital Transformation needs in advisory and implementation partner capacity.

What are BraunWeiss's specialties on pro-bono projects?

Some of successfully completed projects at BraunWeiss are implementation and integration of Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (SFDC NPSP) along with Form Assembly or Form Stack forms for donor management, volunteer management and marketing campaigns; implementation of merchant services solutions such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, Clover, CardPointe; integration of payment data to Accounting Software.