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Why are websites important? Websites are key elements for establishing credibility as a business. As part of Business Digital Presence, websites provide easy access to information, even ecommerce service, to customers efficiently. More importantly, by enhancing online presence, business owners can also get benefits from digital marketing advantages. At BraunWeiss, our team are experienced with digital presence enhancement with digital portals implementation and integration.

Cost Effective Marketing

Developing a website is the one of the most cost-effective way of digital marketing. As there is only one-time development fee for a 24 hours nonstop digital presence. At BraunWeiss, our team works with internal and external clients that streamline all the foot traffic to support their overall presence.

Moreover, there are more benefits of business digital presence that every owner should consider:

  • Website can extend business social media outreach

  • Business can present all the company based information on website

  • Website is also the place to guide your email subscribers

  • With online form and digital portal implementations, customers can deliver all their requests in the same place without any confusion

Website Statistics – Exit Rate

Based on our experience, BraunWeiss team found that users usually form their initial opinions about a website within a few seconds. Their initial opinions determine whether to continue browsing or exit the website, which directly ties with website exit rate. Therefore, to have a clean and easy layout is one of the most important factor for the website. To keep a clean layout, BraunWeiss team uses below solutions to enhance the website presence for our clients:

  • Use high quality photos and graphics

  • Avoid long and vague content

  • Replace massive text blocks with pictures and elements

  • Organize navigation system

  • Separate content to different designed sections

Website Statistics – Loading Time

From our analyses with Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster data, BraunWeiss team discovered that 39% of the people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load. Not only it shows potential clients the lack of maintenance, it may also cost businesses actual loss in sales.

BraunWeiss team recommend our clients with solutions such as:

  • Review webpages for loading issues

  • Fix broken links and images

  • Compress large-size pictures

  • Optimize your Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Business websites convey important information about the company with credibility. With clean layout and modern design, websites also have the potential to bring the business goals to life in the global market.

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Why Your Website May be Costly