BraunWeiss is a leader in delivering Digital Innovation and Finance Transformation projects. BraunWeiss Project Management encompasses methodologies, processes, knowledge, and  experience of multiple people or organizations to achieve  project-specific objectives and goals within the project's parameters. BraunWeiss project managers are detail-oriented throughout all phases of projects, so three most special factors that they mainly focus on are:

  • Determined Deliverables

  • Limited Timeline

  • Restricted Project Budget

With these special factors, BraunWeiss project managers are responsible for coordination and planning between clients and production teams.

Project Management Methodology

Before we get into the project plan and timeline, BraunWeiss project manager team first defines the project type with their  experience. The two main project types are Waterfall and Agile.

Waterfall is a model that breaks down project activities into a linear sequential phase. 

BraunWeiss project team completes each task/stage in the project before moving on  to the next one. And Agile approach focuses more on iterative project  management that breaks down project demands and solutions through collaboration efforts of cross-functional teams. For BraunWeiss team in agile projects, they usually work in project cycles with continuous support to the clients.

Based on the different project types, BraunWeiss project management team uses different approaches in internal and external clients’ projects:

  • Project Plan and Timeline

  • Deliverables and end-products

  • Client Support and Training

With waterfall projects, BraunWeiss project managers will define the timeline for each of the phases. And  they will focus more on the client's continuous support for our agile projects.

Standard Documents

BraunWeiss project managers use several standard documents to make sure that the projects are going smoothly:

  • Project Scope

  • Project Charter

  • Project Timeline and Plan (Waterfall)

  • Work Breakdown Structure (Agile)

  • Communication Plan

  • Project Governance Plan

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI)

  • Project Risks

  • Project Status Report (PSR)

With these documents and reports, BraunWeiss project managers can provide the stakeholders clear project management plan and schedule, while maintaining the support team based on their deadlines and deliverables. More importantly, with  the help of those documents, clients can easily see their requirements  and commitments to the production team in this project.

Daily Management

For every project, daily managements are important for BraunWeiss PM team. For our PM team at BraunWeiss, daily check-ins or scrum meetings with the team is essentials. With daily check-ins, BraunWeiss project managers are able to raise any project risks and delays from the team to the client and keep the project timeline up to date with both sides in the project. At the same time, by conducting regular meeting with the client, BraunWeiss PM team can also conduct the updates or concerns from the client back to the team.

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