BruanWeiss is a leader in delivering Digital Innovation and Finance Transformation projects. In order to understand the tasks and capture the requirements accurately, process flow is one of the key artifacts for BraunWeiss business analysts in every global project.

Standard process flow includes all the scopes and business procedures within every project. It gives the team and client a general picture of the project with responsibilities for each of the component.

With process flow, BraunWeiss team are able to set up and maintain connections and daily tasks in the project.

Several key points for a clear process flow:

  • Data Input & Output (component, direction & channels)

  • Process

  • Documentation

  • Data flow vs. financial flow

  • Color theme & color coding

  • Icons & Images

Data Input & Output – Identify Key Process

The process flow includes all the component of the project, and every component links to each other through different business procedures.

To distinguish between components and processes, BraunWeiss business analysts often use boxes to represent client, vendors or ourselves in the chart. And for processes, we include a short description for each process next to the connection between two components.

Data Input and Output

Additionally, the connection also contains a direction in the chart.

In the example process flow, BraunWeiss is responsible for reporting and ERP management, and all the reports are sending to the client.On the other hand, for BraunWeiss team to finish our tasks on time, the client is responsible for submitting reports to us on a daily basis.

Data Flow vs. Financial Flow

To achieve better team coordination, BraunWeiss business analysts use color coding to distinguish data and financial flows.

Data flows include services, business operations and reports while financial flows include all the procedures that related to bank transactions. For example, time sheet submission from employees will be categorized into data flow and paying employees based on time sheets is considered as financial flow.

Color Theme & Color Coding

At BraunWeiss, our business analysts are detail-oriented in every project.

Therefore, process flows should also match the color them of the client as a standard document.

More importantly, by using color coding for all the elements in the process flow, BraunWeiss team can show the overall project management to client in a more straightforward way.

Descriptions, Icons & Images

These are key factors in every successful process flow.  The icons and images should represent each component clarify. While the description needs to short and concise to clearly highlight what is required during each process.

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