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BraunWeiss CFO Advisors are growth-focused to maximize value creation in private equity-backed portfolios specifically for Start-up and SaaS based companies. As a CFO partner we deliver finance organizations with accurate numbers and shaping company’s strategy with viable financial goals revenue-margin growth, key investment decisions for competitive advantage, business modelling with financial and management reporting enabling drivers to effectively execute and deliver returns to shareholders, investors and venture capitalist. When you partner with BraunWeiss, all our consulting packages include virtual/outsourced CFO services.

Financial Planning and Strategy

BraunWeiss CFO Advisors understands company's strategic and financial plans to develop and implement structure for annual business plans, financial budgets to achieve accountability and maximize performance by developing strategic long-term plan and identify specific initiatives projects/plans, setup operational plans to drive financial results and identify plan-to-actual financial variances. Pre-establish budgets for capital expenditure adapting to changing business needs incorporating growth implications into financial projections and in-depth planning for staffing, facilities, and cash resources. Setup financial and operational goals to drive business success and develop key performance indicators for long-term and short-term initiatives and operational projects to achieve KPI targets

Cash Flows and Forecasts

Our Financial Consultants will help anticipate cash flow problems and solve, optimize business operations by keeping track of cash flow in and out for holistic understanding of financial health. Understand cash available to reinvest, Free cash flow (FCF) for picture of business cash at a given time and confidently secure funding from banks or venture capital firms with  operating cash flows (OCF) statements. Plan for future by monthly or quarterly forecasting to ensure positive cash flows. 

Budgeting and Forecasting

BraunWeiss as your CFO partner refines the process of business forecasting and setting budgets based on real-time data, predictive modelling using business intelligence tools.The financial markets are prone to exponential change and disruption, with unlikely predictors for tomorrow, get evolving with more accurate prediction of the future with our financial data scientists providing decision support and value analysis with modelling, problem-solving capabilities for financial transformation, budgeting, forecasting and business planning.

KPI Metrics and Reporting  

Whether you are Finance Leader of a start-up, SaaS or corporate you are poised to play critical strategic decision making role with forward-thinking which heavily relies on key metrics and performance indicators to drive measurable value, and establish core financial processes and reporting requirements to satisfy the Venture capital investors with numbers to provide context and ensure that board meetings are productive. Metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Renewals & Upsells, Churn-rate, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), New clients/customers, Life Time Value (LTV), Growth-margins are accurately calculated and generated by BraunWeiss Fiance & Operations team for CFO Advisors to guide Entrepreneurs and Investors with current state and future state of the company.


BraunWeiss Analysts generates Financial and Management Reporting supporting US GAAP, IFRS & SEC accounting standards. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) for budgeting, forecasting and analytical processes providing company's financial health and business strategy direction relying heavily on statistical analysis to measure and plan business operations and forecasting financial impact, considering internal variables, broader demographic and economic trends, as well as subjective, qualitative evaluation based on Financial Models to derivation of corporate performance management.

Internal Controls, Procedures and Processes 

The complexities of Accounting and Financial Operations are managed by BraunWeiss Controller advisors providing Financial leadership and forming strong accounting strategies. Our advisor establishes executing internal controls for accounting and financial procedures. Invoice and Payments approvals, Accounts Receivable aging reports, income tax preparation with tax consultants and support auditors for internal audits and valuations like 409A while handling lines of credit (LC) and vendor contracts, financial agreements and insurances. 

Finance Technology Systems

Majority of private equity (PE) stakeholders understand the value of Financial Systems to support day-to-day operations, and capture and analyze the complex data sets important to entrepreneurs owners. BraunWeiss CFO Advisors will help to align Finance processes and systems with business growth plans to design future state Financial Applications and Tools. Our Analysts will implement and integrate long-term best-in class Financial Systems for Business Process Management(ERP), Corporate Performance Management(EPM) and Business Intelligence, Planning Budgeting, FP&A and Consolidation systems enabling the office of the CFO to provide strategy and direction meeting regulatory, audit and compliance needs.

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