Client Background:

Our client is global professional services company headquartered in APAC. They have 7 locations and in the process of acquiring a new business to expand their global outreach.

They have been seeing exponentially growth in the past few months and reached out to us for providing automation solutions.


The team leads are required to build and manage 24 hours shift rosters. Team leads are facing three main problems: increased time consumption for shift tracking, large amounts of frivolous papers, and they are overloaded with data re-entry into formalized documents.

BraunWeiss was asked to provide a solution for a centralized data capturing and management solution.

BraunWeiss Centralized Data Management


During our assessment we identified multiple issues and areas of improvement, some of them are listed below:

  • Lack of centralized Employee Master Database

  • Lack of shift roster planning procedures

  • Using Excel for for capturing data

  • Lack of standard data capturing templates and procedures

  • Data that needs to be cleaned every month to be loaded to ERP for client invoicing details and countless hours spent for that effort

BraunWeis Centralized Data Management
Digital Form Design for Centralized Data Management
How We Helped?

BraunWeiss Recommendation:


  • Implement standard data collection practices across the business

  • Design standard business workflows for employee shift management and scheduling

  • Design and Implement digital forms for tracking and data entry purposes

  • Implement daily shift roster process

BraunWeiss Solution Implementation:

Centralized Data Management:

  • BraunWeiss built a secure central repository with all employee information (including wage rate, assigned client locations, starting date, withholding deductions, and monthly salaries)

  • BraunWeiss built a confidential client database that is integrated with their ERP for month-end reporting and invoicing

  • BraunWeiss designed an employee data input portal to add new employees to the database with complete information

  • BraunWeiss built business processes that can meet customizable work flows and approval requirements that rolls into the centralized database enabling reporting based on specific criteria

  • BraunWeiss established standardized data management and data governance practices assuring clean data and accurate reporting

Utilizing Digital Forms:

  • BraunWeiss Digital Team developed custom online forms with unique fields that collect required information where team leads can pick data from centralized database

  • Forms are customized to include specific triggers, criteria, approval requirements and mandatory data

  • The data collection is done through iframe embedded interface

  • Mobile capability is built for Android and IOS, making the application accessible at their fingertips

  • Automatic notifications are enabled to inform when data is submitted which triggers required approval workflows

Client Feedback:

The improvements BraunWeiss implemented resulted in enhanced data management and governance practices. Manual work and errors significantly reduced, shift and employee management became seamless, client satisfaction improved and most importantly changes brought significant cost reductions to the organization.